Makeup Brushes

Enjoy the art of make-up and feel like a professional artist with this amazing brush set.
  1. Ideal to apply your liquid foundation and/or primer.
  2. Once applied to your face use to blend & feather your concealer.
  3. Bristles for brushing brows into shape & flat angled brush to apply brow shadow.
  4. Sponge applicator for applying eye shadow to eyelid.
  5. Another option for applying eye shadow to eyelid.
  6. For applying eye shadow under the lower lash or use to smudge eye liner for a soft smokey look.
  7. Create a soft or dramatic contoured eye shape by applying eye shadow across the hollow of your eye socket.
  8. Accentuate the of the eye by defining the top & bottom with a darker shadow.
  9. Blends the harsh edges of the eye shadow & blends out mistakes.
  10. Apply translucent powder under the eye too protect from eye shadow overspill then clean up by sweeping away.
  11. Bent ferrule for easy fine eyeliner application over eyelashes.
  12. Applying blush on apples of cheeks, out across cheekbones & sweeping up towards temples.
  13. Remove lid, insert on other end to reveal lip brush.
  14. Shade with matt bronzer to define & contour under cheekbones, jawline & chin.
  15. To dust bronzer over face, neck, chest & arms or to apply pressed/blot powder to cover larger surfaces like chest & neck.

These brush bristles are made from either high quality Synthetic, Pony or Goat hair. Each bristle is carefully chosen for the specific purpose of the particular brush to get maximum performance.

Care & maintenance is required for your brushes. For instant removal of cosmetic residue use a brush cleaner with a tissue or paper towel & wipe or dab clean.
For optimum performance & to prevent build up wash brushes regularly with cake soap & warm water (once/twice a month) Squeeze out excess water & wipe handle.
Reshape bristles & leave upright to dry naturally in barrel with the lid off.
If still wet when next needed use a blow dryer on low to dry off, being careful not to distort brush shape in this process.

Pamper your brushes with gentle loving care & it will result in a long fluffy relationship.

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